Chris Barr

"Knight Media Innovation + Art/Design Nerd"

Hi, I'm Chris. I work with the Journalism & Media Innovation team at Knight Foundation to help bring amazing projects to life. Currently, I manage the Prototype Fund, a funding initiative that supports the creation of proof-of-concept prototypes of early-stage media ideas.

I have a background in design, art and media. Prior to joining the team at Knight, I was a design profesor at West Virginia University. I make art that is sometimes shown in galleries and museums.

I can help you with any of your News Challenge questions, email me at or tweet @heychrisbarr.

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A Specific Plant in the Jungle

Neil Gaiman shared why he thinks libraries are important in a speech that was published by...
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Lending More than a Book

Benjamin Franklin started the first lending library in the 1730’s. Ever since, libraries have...

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Chris commented on this entry: link
March 14, 2014, 09:29AM
Hi Syed,

I wonder if you are able to find another image, possibly one with Creative Commons licensing, to represent your project? The image you have posted has a watermark and is owned iStock photo.

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August 19, 2013, 16:51PM
Hi Ronald,
The submission phase for the challenge will open Sept. 3-17. Please be sure to submit your idea for funding during that time at here:

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