Natasha Freidus

Natasha Freidus is the founder and co-director of Creative Narrations, with over a decade of experience in leading and consulting in the field of participatory media production. She has managed the MOVE project since its inception in 2010, leading a team representing community health clinics, affinity organizations, research institutions, and public health departments.

Before entering the media field, Natasha worked as an adult educator and organizer; it was through community building work that she developed her interest in the role of storytelling as a tool for social change. Natasha has conducted workshops in multimedia storytelling for diverse groups throughout the country. She has also studied and worked in a range of communities including the U.S./Mexican border, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and she spent 2006-7 on a Fulbright Fellowship in Tarragona, Spain. Natasha earned her Masters degree in Urban Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was community media coordinator and a course instructor at The Center for Reflective Community Practice.

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Thumbnail : Stories as Seeds of Change explores the role of story in lifting up unheard voices in Seattle's International District.  Produced by Prevention Speaks, June 2012.

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