The P2P Urbanism Platform: From the Social to the Urban Web

There are myriads of open source/Commons-oriented projects that may have an impact on the life in the cities. However, it is not easy for a city council or a citizen to benefit from this knowledge Commons. Information is scattered and possibly hard to be understood by non-experts. The P2P Urbanism platform will be a free web-based hosting directory of open source software and hardware projects that can have an impact on the design and function of the city. Our aim is to create a clearly articulated and updated knowledge Commons, enriched by experience through experimentation, that will fuel innovation through the creation and sharing of ideas and best practices.

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Who is on your team, and what are their relevant experiences or skills?

Scholars, urbanists, architects, activists, policy creators, and geeks with trans-disciplinary interests on Internet and society. Vasilis Niaros, an engineer and urbanist, will serve as a coordinator of an interdisciplinary network of NGOs (i.e., Monumenta, Place Identity, P2P Foundation) and research centers (Tallinn University of Technology, P2P Lab).


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